The 14-year-old Australian boy arrested in Bali on drug charges may be moved to the notorious Kerobokan prison while awaiting trial, although no final decision has been made.

Prosecutors announced the possible move after receiving yesterday’s police brief of evidence, including toxicology reports.

Naomi Lynch reports.


There’s a nervous wait ahead for the 14-year-old as prosecutors say it’s likely he will be moved to Kerobokan prison.

The New South Wales school student could be relocated from his current holding cell at the narcotics bureau to the high security prison, however lawyers for the boy say the move is not definite.

Australian authorities also say the announcement of the move to the prison is premature.

Brett Farmer, Australian Consul-General to Bali: “That issue is one that we are waiting for further advice on. We’ll deal with that if and when the situation arises”

Kerobokan prison currently houses Shapelle Corby, the Bali Nine a thousand other male and female inmates including 10 children.

Prosecutors revealed yesterday the boy could face three charges which carry a maximum penalty of six years in prison.

The boy’s lawyers are working to keep him out of the jail, requesting he instead be released into the care of his parents for the duration of the trial.

Naomi Lynch, QUT News.