Qantas has again apologised to passengers after ongoing industrial action resulted in five planes being grounded for maintenance.

Sixteen flights were also cancelled.

Kate Morrison reports.


Qantas chaos returned today. More flight disruptions stemming from ongoing industrial action against the airline.

There have been stop works and threatened strikes since mid September as engineers, ground staff, caterers and pilots all push for better pay and conditions.

With no end to the battle in sightm, 400 flights are expected to be cancelled over the next month.

Disgruntled passengers are becoming increasingly fed up.

Nick Xenophon, Independent Senator for South Australia: “But it’s unfortunate that Qantas management seems to be taking such beligerant attitude toward its staff and to such an iconic company.”

The Australian Licensed Aircraft Engineers Association is seeking a 15 per cent increase in wages and allowances over a three year period.

The Engineers association has said it won’t take any further action until after the airline’s annual general meeting on October 28.

But Qantas says that makes little difference.

Olivia Wirth, Qantas Spokesperson: “But it’s insignificant in the big scheme of things. The real damaged has already been done. It’s ongoing and its in place until December.”

Adding to its woes a Qantas plane had to be turned back on its Bangkok to Sydney flight last night after engine problems.

And it has been reported that an unaccompanied 11 year old boy flying with Qantas last month was left to wander Hobart airport, alone, late at night.

Kate Morrison QUT News.