The Bureau of Meteorology has released its report for the coming cyclone season and the forecast isn’t looking good.

We may be in for another year of wild weather and householders are being urged to prepare their properties now.

Ellie Whitton reports.


With Queensland still feeling the effects of Cyclone Yasi, signs are again pointing to an above average number of cyclones and rainfall this summer.

The bureau estimates there’s a 65 per cent chance of higher than normal cyclone activity in the Coral Sea.

Vikash Prasad, Senior Forecaster Weather Bureau: “Probably if you put numbers, we’re probably looking at about four to five systems.”

Cyclones usually cross the coast in the central northern part of Queensland but can be a threat to the entire coast line.

Vikash Prasad, Senior Forecaster Weather Bureau: “All communities along the coastal areas need to prepare for the tropical cyclone season because a system can cross anywhere along the east coast.”

While it’s rare for a cyclone to cross the coast near Brisbane the bureau says everyone should be ready.

The bureau is advising everyone to follow their emergency checklist and ensure the roof, walls and eaves of their homes are all secure.

Clearing away all loose material will reduce the risk of injury or damage to property.

They’re also recommending householders trim treetops and branches away from the house… and make sure you have an emergency kit ready.

For a full check list on how to prepare for cyclones… Visit the Bureau of Meteorology’s website.

Ellie Whitton, QUT News.