King George Square was transformed into an impromptu dance stage today.

One thousand people from the Australian Youth Climate Coalition staged a flash mob to raise awareness of climate change.

Tara Bosworth reports.


There was certainly no Monday-itis in Brisbane City today.

More than one thousand young people from the Australian Youth Climate Coalition shocked passersby when they broke into a surprise dance routine in King George Square just after midday.

The performers are from Powershift, a three day youth conference presented by the Climate Coalition, which wrapped up in Brisbane today.

Sophie Trevitt, Australian Youth Climate Coalition: “Power Shift is so important because it’s asking for Australia to literally be shifted away from dirty coal and energy that isn’t sustainable for Australia toward renewable energy so that we can have a safe and protected future.”

Power Shift is responsible for a number of flash mobs like this one across the country, including one that involved 1,500 performers on the Sydney Opera House steps.

Vox 1: “Hopefully this will show youth across the world and especially in Australia that the youth are here to make the difference and we will make the difference.”

Vox 2: “There is technology and systems in place to have 100 per cent renewable sun and wind energy for Australia and that it’s possible to do it as soon as people support it.”

Of course, after all this dancing, it’s straight back to work.

Ellen Sandell, Australian Youth Climate Coalition National Director: “Now we’re moving to look at what are the next steps, a carbon price is just the first step, what are the next steps to get us to be powered by one hundred per cent renewable energy?”

Tara Bosworth, QUT News.