State Labor MP Kate Jones and LNP candidate Campbell Newman faced a tough crowd at a public forum in The Gap today.

The candidates tackled tough local issues in the electorate they’re both fighting to win.

Meagan Lawrence reports.


Three hundred people turned out to see Kate Jones and Campbell Newman go head to head.

It was their chance to ask the Ashgrove candidates where they stand on local issues.

One of the toughest questions of the morning was from university student, Sophie Barat.

She said Mr Newman’s statement that Anna Bligh was a sleaze bucket, offended her as a woman.

Campbell Newman, LNP leader: “Fair comment and I’m not going to revisit it other than to say that over the last few months I’ve been called a lot of things and I’ve also been called a lot of things by the Premier in the past under privilege in the parliament.”

Locals didn’t hold back, asking candidates where they stand on environmental, transport and disability issues.

While the candidates were civil with each other throughout the morning, they faced a barrage of animosity from the audience who were looking for answers on local policy and budget.

But it wasn’t just the audience asking the tough questions, Mrs Jones made repeated references to what she calls Mr Newman’s “lack of policy”.

Mrs Jones says the LNP candidate is using Ashgrove as a stepping stone in his campaign to become Premier.

Kate Jones, Labor MP: “Today what we saw was Campbell Newman could not answer one thing that he would do if elected as the member for Ashgrove. He chose to answer all local questions on state wide issues.”

The election is expected to be called early next year.

Meagan Lawrence, QUT News.