Emmy-award winning actor Kelsey Grammer addressed the National Radio Conference at the Gold Coast this morning.

The talkback radio host from the American sit-com, Frasier, took part in a discussion on the future of the industry.

Isobel Roe reports.


He played a talk-back radio host in Frasier, so Kelsey Grammer’s advice to his audience was about the delivery.

Kelsey Grammar, Actor:”From that time on I always assumed my responsibility was to believe in the audience enough to think that they’ll rise to whatever material you want to deliver to them. And they are smarter than we think they are.”

And about his only real experience in radio.

Kelsey Grammer, Actor: “ I guest hosted the Mark and Brian show in Los Angeles several years ago when they were on vacation so I guess that’s the only real shift I ever pulled. But I managed to have four hours of talk in me (laughs).”

Later on, FM and AM personalities made up the panel, debating the future of their medium.

FM veteran, known to listeners as “Spoonman” has been at the forefront of merging radio with other technologies.

Brian ‘Spoonman’ Carlton, Broadcaster:” I think there’s going to be more of an emphasis in FM radio on personality and on talent on the air rather than just belting out wall-to-wall tunes.”

But the role of radio is something the panellists agreed could not be replaced.

Gary Hardgrave, Broadcaster: ”I agree whether it’s AM or FM it doesn’t matter. Whether we’re digital or whatever we happen to be either way we are part of the community and that surely must be our number one thing we do whether we’re playing music between our comments or playing ads between our comments.”

The likes of Hamish and Andy and Fifi Box will be gracing the red carpet here tomorrow night for the Australian Commercial Radio Awards.
Isobel Roe, QUT News.