The Hindu festival of lights, Dipawali, is lighting up the streets of Brisbane for a second year.

It’s one of the largest events on the Hindu calendar.

Elizabeth Mulherin reports.


Bollywood performances, hot curries and fireworks.

It’s all part of the annual cultural extravaganza that is “Dipawali.”

The Indian festival signifies the triumph of good over evil and moving from darkness to light.

Surendra Prasad, Qld Federation of Indian Communities: “This is how we can bring peace and prosperity and harmony in the country.”

Dipawali encourages everyone to come along and learn about Indian culture.

Festival goers can enjoy a variety of performances and activities.

Here in King George Square festivities have been underway since this morning, but it’s the light show at 7 o’clock tonight that is expected to bring the biggest crowd.

Unnikrishnan Pilla, Co-ordinator of Dipawali Brisbane: “Light represents the brightness of life, a better life and a better multiculturalism and everything good.”

Dipawali will be celebrated in all major cities across Australia tonight.

Elizabeth Mulherin, QUT News.