Brisbane residents are being urged to brace for more wild weather, just a day after severe weather battered the South East.

One man was killed in the storm that caused flash flooding, property damage and commuter chaos.

Kira Donohue reports.


Streets were blanketed in hail.

Local residents described yesterday’s downpour as a ‘White Christmas.’

The Parkinson area was one of the hardest hit.

Roofs collapsed, houses bore the brunt of flash flooding.

Residents described it as one of the worst storms they’d seen.

Mark Argen, Parkinson resident: “My wife was actually saying that the hail was worse than any blizzard we’d gone through and we’ve gone through four-foot snow drifts.”

Barry Foster, Parkinson resident: “I’ve driven in plenty of storms, but nothing like that.”

Baylie Hudson, Parkinson resident: “I was out underneath the sail trying to poke the ice off so it didn’t break the sail and then two minutes after I’ve walked away, it ripped down all the guttering so thank God I wasn’t under it.”

In the most severe incident, a 42-year-old motorist was killed after a tree fell on his parked car.

He was attempting to seek shelter at Hillcrest.

Brisbane copped 85 millimetres of rain in just two hours.

Energex crews worked to restore power to more than 4,000 homes and businesses.

With more rain forecast, the Bureau says it’s shaping up to be an active storm season.

Pradeep Singh, Meteorologist: “The warmer surface sea temperatures around our area and upper level troughs coming in from inland Australia are interacting with this moist area, with warm sea conditions around the coast and we are getting more storm activity this year.”

With the fresh warnings, residents are being urged to prepare early by securing loose objects around their home and preparing a storm kit.

Kira Donohue, QUT News.