The Federal Government is threatening to intervene in the industrial dispute that is continuing to disrupt operations at Qantas.

It’s already announced it will have to start cancelling flights after baggage handlers walked out again.

Ellie McKay reports.


Qantas says it will ground five planes every week for as long as the strikes continue, which means up to a 100 flights a week could be cancelled.

Alan Joyce, CEO Qantas: “These aircraft are used for domestic flights. We will be doing this for at least one month.”

The Transport Workers Union says it has met with Qantas officials 15 times, but says the company appears to be unwilling to come to an agreement.

Peter Biagini, Qld Secretary TWU: “There was a four hour meeting with the company yesterday and I understand three hours of that was wasted with arguing about what was being said in the media, the position of Virgin and everybody else but their workforce.”

But Qantas says it is doing what it can in the situation.

Alan Joyce, CEO Qantas: “Our aim is to maintain operation reliability and provide certainty for our customers despite the union attempt to cause chaos.”

If the dispute continues, the Federal Government may step in and force the parties to resolve their differences.

Under the Fair Work Act, industrial action can be suspended if it poses a significant threat to the national economy.

Ellie McKay, QUT News.