The Federal Government’s asylum seeker solution is hanging in the balance after Nationals MP Tony Crook announced he will vote against the bill.

The bill was meant to be put to vote in Parliament today but was never discussed.

Meagan Lawrence reports.


The Federal Opposition has accused the Government of filibustering in parliament to avoid a vote on its migration legislation.

The bill was introduced into The House of Representatives this morning but was never discussed.

The bill’s future was thrown into uncertainty when Nationals MP, Tony Crook, confirmed he would not support the government’s Malaysia Solution.

The government needed Mr Crook’s vote to get the bill passed.

Mr Crook says he is in favour of offshore processing, but has concerns about the government’s Malaysia solution.

Tony Crook, Nationals MP: “I have a strong humanitarian feel for this, that’s the main things that have swayed me through this whole process.”

Mr Crook says he will instead support the Opposition’s amendments to the bill that would allow offshore processing in countries that have signed the United Nations refugee conventions.

The government has accused Opposition Leader Tony Abbott of deliberately opposing government policies rather than developing his own.

Penny Wong, Labor MP: “Mr Crook’s vote wouldn’t even be an issue if Tony Abbott did something other than what he always does which is to wreck and oppose. He’s more interested in opposing the government and in wrecking solutions for this country than developing his own policy.”

Mr Abbott says the government has failed on this issue.

Tony Abbott, Opposition Leader: “A government which can’t protect its borders is a government that has forfeited the right to be considered an effective national government.

The government has not confirmed if it will persist with the bill.

Meagan Lawrence, QUT News.