Tension between public sector employees and the State Government reached new heights today.

Thousands of workers took to the streets across the south-east demanding fair pay.

Elyse Goyen reports.


Angry public sector support staff rallied outside Parliament house today.

More than 2,500 workers met to demand action from the Bligh Government.

They’re protesting against the Government’s offer of a 2.5 per cent pay increase over a period of three years.

Gary Bullock, Queensland Branch Secretary, United Voice: “2.5 per cent for these workers means about 10 dollars a week increase. 2.5 per cent just doesn’t cut it.”

And their message to the Government was clear.

Alex Scott, Secretary, Together: “The public sector workforce has never been angrier. The public sector workforce has never been more disappointed in the government. The public sector workforce has never been more encouraged to take action.”

The protest was a part of a planned action week, after 150 Queensland Health employees rallied in Townsville yesterday. A number of smaller protests are taking place in South-East Queensland, including Beenleigh, Ipswich and the Gold Coast.

The Nurses Union is due to start enterprise bargaining negotiations with Queensland Health next week.

In other political news, the LNP is still facing criticism for what’s now been dubbed the “dirt files”.

The government has called for the LNP to sack both James McGrath and Michael O’Dwyer after The Courier-Mail published details yesterday.

Campbell Newman said this morning that the dirt dossier had been destroyed.

Elyse Goyen, QUT News.