The United States movement demonstrating against corporate greed is coming to Australia.

The “Occupy Wall Street” demonstrations in New York have now entered the fourth week.

Elizabeth Mulherin reports.


Demonstrators hoping to end corporate greed have their tents at the ready as they prepare to ‘occupy Brisbane’ this Saturday.

The plans were prompted by the self-proclaimed citizens resistance movement in the U.S..

Occupy Wall Street as it’s been dubbed is now spreading worldwide.

Ryan Seaton, Organisational Co-ordinator Occupy Brisbane: “It’s something very new, it’s a very peaceful movement and it’s global.”

Mr Seaton says the plan is to simply maintain a presence.

Ryan Seaton, Organisational Co-ordinator Occupy Brisbane: “We feel if we’re here it’s a constant reminder that is pretty hard to overlook. The more people that gather with us, the more successful it’s going to be.”

The Brisbane demonstration will start at 9AM in Post Office Square.

The movement is in line with a global day of action to be seen in 1,270 world cities.

However, Federal Opposition frontbencher Sophie Mirabella has slammed the movement as “laughable” and “pointless.”

The movement organisers also plan to hold demonstrations in five Australian capital cities on the same day.

Elizabeth Mulherin, QUT News.