Rural communities are calling for the help of retirees to help fill crucial roles.

Properties and organisations say they’re willing to employ older workers who have a variety of skills.

Melissa Hunter reports.


An online survey exploring the feasibility of engaging retired professionals to work in rural areas was launched last month by QUT PhD Researcher, Nadine Brayley.

The survey is aimed at Queenslanders who are retired, semi-retired or planning to retire within the next two years.

Nadine Brayley, QUT PhD Researcher: “I think modern day retirees are looking for volunteering roles which enable them to continue to use their skills and their knowledge.”

Retirees may be the answer to tackling the skills shortage in paid roles as well.

Working in rural areas has become a popular option for retirees wanting to earn some extra cash and travel around Australia at the same time.

Alex Livingstone, CEO GrowCom: “Very often they’re travelling around the country and so they can earn a little bit of income whilst they’re moving around.”

He says many of them return to the same property or rural organisation every year.

Alex Livingstone, CEO GrowCom: “But if you go up to North Queensland around harvest time you will see four-wheel drives and caravans everywhere and that is people moving around the country and a lot of whom work on horticulture establishments.”

Online volunteering is also a way retirees can utilise their skills.

Nadine Brayley, QUT PhD Researcher: “I think there is a real interest out there on behalf of retirees. We ran some discussion groups last year which we had I think about 35 retirees come along and they certainly indicated that they thought it would be popular amongst retirees.”

Melissa Hunter, QUT News.