Australians have been reminded to consider their health, finance and the environment when commuting to work.

It’s national Ride to Work Day, and this morning many cyclists enjoyed a free breakfast in cities around the country.

Laura Clifton-Jones reports.


The sun was shining on people who geared up for the morning ride.

Lycra-clad cyclists and some not-so-conventional riders were treated to a host of events in the CBD including a free bike engraving service by the police.

The event attracted local politicians and 150,000 people nationwide, all to show riding is not just beneficial for your health.

Rob Fitton, Cycling Enthusiast: “I can probably buy a new bike every year if I want to for what I save on the bus fare and um it keeps a bit of fog and fumes out of the air.”

Enthusiasts hope this event will help make cycling more accessible.

Ben Wilson, Bicycle Qld Manager: “Bikes are something just like golf it’s a game corporates play right through from brickies to barristers. Anybody can use a bike to get around.”

The Queensland Government launched a new cycle strategy last month to build cycle networks within five kilometres of major cities and towns, but Brisbane’s bike paths still have a long way to go.

Ben Wilson, Bicycle Qld Manager: “It depends where you live some places are absolutely Rolls Royce. Some places are works in progress and more needs to be done.”

One hundred and five thousand people participated in this event last year. When surveyed five months later, 43 per cent of participants still rode to work.

The message to people thinking about making the switch.

Rob Fitton, Cycling Enthusiast: “Just do it.”

The event may also help to boost CityCycle numbers since the Brisbane City Council was forced to slash subscription prices earlier this year.

Laura Clifton-Jones, QUT News.