Australia has taken a step closer to putting a price on carbon.

The Gillard Government’s controversial carbon tax narrowly passed through the House of Representatives this morning.

Elyse Goyen reports.


Parliament was restless from the beginning.

But it wasn’t long until the ayes had it.

Applause from the bench was lively as the government successfully passed their carbon tax package after months of heated debate.

Harry Jenkins, Speaker of the House: “The result of the division is aye 74, no 72. The question is therefore resolved in the affirmative. These bills as amended have been agreed to.”

The Clean Energy Future Bills passed with support from independents Tony Windsor, Rob Oakeshot and Green’s MP Adam Bandt.

Labor sees this as an historic day for the minority government, but not everyone agrees.

The Coalition says the tax will impose an enormous cost of living increase on average Australians.

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has vowed to repeal the tax if elected as Prime Minister.

In fact he went as far as saying he would “pledge in blood” to kill the tax.

Tony Abbott, Opposition Leader: “It’s a day of national betrayal. It means everyone’s cost of living will be higher and everyone’s job will be less secure.”

The suspension of Coalition frontbencher, Sophie Mirabella, worked in the government’s favour and support from independent MP, Bob Katter didn’t go unnoticed.

The bill will now enter the senate and should pass, with Greens support, next month.

The carbon tax is expected to become law on July 1, 2012.

Elyse Goyen, QUT News.