The Brisbane City Council Opposition says the Council should be doing more to protect shoppers and commuters from the increasing costs of parking.

The call follows moves by Westfield’s Chermside and Carindale stores to charge shoppers to park.

Meagan Lawrence reports.


As shoppers hear about the new parking fees, they are already starting to park in the streets around Westfield Chermside.

Labor’s Lord Mayorial candidate, Ray Smith says the situation is set to worsen and says the Lord Mayor should be doing more to look after the local commuters and shoppers.

Ray Smith, Lord Mayor candidate: “The Lord Mayor should be doing his best to stop Westfield from charging for parking.”

While the council says it is disappointed with Westfield’s decision to charge for parking, it has already approved the application.

Both shopping centres are close to popular bus stops and have been used by commuters to leave their cars while they catch buses to work.

Mr Smith says he’s worried that will discourage people from using public transport.

Ray Smith, Lord Mayord candidate: “The Lord Mayor is allowing Westfield to go ahead and charge for parking and if that stops people using public transport then the net effect is even worse than the affect it’s going to have on on our shoppers and on our retailers.”

Some commuters say they’ll park on nearby streets once paid parking begins putting pressure on local traffic and disrupting residents.

The $20 a day parking fee has left many shoppers feeling like they’ve been short-changed.

Vox 1: “You come in here to spend money anyway so why pay for parking.”

Vox 2: “You’ve got no choice really you’ll just have to pay and be disappointed that’s all you can do really.”

The paid parking scheme is set to begin at Chermside by the end of the month.

Meagan Lawrence, QUT News.