The latest opinion poll won’t give the Prime Minister Julia Gillard much comfort.

Even though Federal Labor has improved its standing slightly, Newspoll says the opposition has even more reasons to celebrate.

Melissa Hunter reports.


Labor has increased its primary vote in the latest Newspoll from 26 per cent last month to 29 per cent now.

On a two-party preferred vote, Labor has gone up from 42 to 43 per cent.

But the Opposition is still way ahead.

Martin O’Shannessy, Newspoll CEO: “I would say the Prime Minister would be very concerned about if these numbers do reflect a loss in confidence in Labor to manage. Certainly they would have to be worried that they are not winning on the issues they have chosen to fight.”

The latest Newspoll shows the Coalition leading or equalling the government on key issues for the first time. The Coalition’s also overtaken Labor as the best party to deal with climate change.

Thirty-one per cent now support the Coalition’s climate change stance compared to just 28 per cent for Labor.

Martin O’Shannessy, Newspoll CEO: “It’s more than just what’s happening in climate change it’s about overall people’s confidence in the government to manage these issues but that particular one seems to have an explanation.”

The poll also shows that voters believe the Coalition is better equipped to manage the economy.

The parties have equal support for health issues, while Labor leads in education by 3 per cent.

The Coalition leads Labor on national security issues by 11 per cent.

Labor has had a boost regarding asylum-seekers, from 12 per cent last month to 17 per cent but the Coalition has returned to its record support of 44 per cent.

The Coalition is winning the home owner’s votes on interest rates at 45 per cent, while Labor is at 26 per cent.

And Labor remains in the lead on industrial relations at 39 per cent to 35 per cent.

Melissa Hunter, QUT news.