One of Australia’s strongest women has conquered the crowds in Brisbane’s CBD, by single handedly pulling along a truck that weighed more than six tonnes.

The spectacle launched the Brisbane Fitness and Health Expo this morning.

Isobel Roe reports.


She’s only 67 kilograms, the average height for a woman, and she did it in heels.

Sue Metcalf’s pulled this truck over 25 metres, wowing crowds in the mall.

The athlete is in training for the Strongest Woman competition in Tennessee next month, and she trains two times a day, six days a week.

Sue Metcalf, Athlete: “It certainly is a personal achievement, and pulling a 6.5 tonne truck is not something everyone does so (laughs).”

So what does it take to be a strong woman?

Sue Metcalf, Athlete: “Oh look I guess it’s about being brave I think some times, it’s about doing things that not everybody else is doing.”

And it’s not just muscles that makes a strong woman. The Telstra Businesswoman of the Year Awards acknowledged Queensland finest female entrepreneurs, and perhaps, those of tomorrow.

Two up-and-comers from Good Shepherd Lutheran College in Noosa were chosen to attend the lunch.

Monique Schroeder, Student: “It gives me great insight into the business world today and lets me know, if I was to go into this industry, what type of stuff I’d be looking at.”

Matt Lovegrove, Student: “It gives me a good opportunity to learn about the mistakes and successes of everyone that’s been elected.”

Previous Businesswoman of the Year winner, Professor Karen Wooley started the program, bringing regional school students to see first hand, what makes a successful businesswoman.

Professor Karen Wooley, Previous winner: “I think the core principals of passionate about something, persevering, I think now more than ever having a strong ethical backbone to your business and instilling that in your staff is really important.”

This year’s Businesswoman of the Year, the founder of the Hear and Say Centre, says women have leadership qualities that men don’t.

Dr Dimity Dornan, Businesswoman of Year: “I think we are able to feel what others are feeling, I think that also women are true carers.”

Isobel Roe, QUT News.