Cricket Australia is promising to look into allegations about match fixing by Australian players.

But the sport’s governing body says the claims are “outlandish” and of “dubious repute.”

Elizabeth Mulherin has this report.


Former journalist, Mazher Mamood, has told a British court he posed as a businessman prepared to pay to have a cricket match fixed.

The court saw this covert video recorded by Mamood in which sports agent Mahzar Majeed boasts about the financial benefits of the illegal activity.

He also names Australian players as the biggest abusers when it comes to rigging games.

Mahzar Majeed, Sports Agent: “I’m talking about big money can be made, yeah?”

Majeed is seen here accepting 10 thousand pounds from Mamood, in exchange for detailed information about a test match against England.

Mahzar Majeed, Sports Agent: “I’ll tell you which bowler’s gonna do it and which baller’s gonna do it.”

Cricket Australia has dismissed the allegations against its players, but says it will investigate.

Elizabeth Mulherin, QUT News.