The Premier Anna Bligh has announced extra funding for Hendra virus research, as confirmation comes that yet another horse contracted the disease in Queensland overnight.

The extra funds are part of a general funding response by Queensland, New South Wales and the Federal Government.

Max Kosmala reports.


The Premier says at the height of this year’s Hendra outbreak, more than 100 at-risk horses were being monitored daily.

The latest case at Beachmere, North of Brisbane is the 12th horse to be infected with Hendra in Queensland this year.

The horse has since been euthanased.

Today Ms Bligh told State Parliament there’d be extra funding for research into the disease.

She says the funding will allow research into the virus including strategies to prevent transmission and the detection and response to incidents.

Anna Bligh, Premier: “This funding provides real opportunities for Queensland scientists who have already done such excellent research on this dangerous virus to take their work further.”

The Queensland, New South Wales and Federal Governments are providing $12 million in funding for Hendra research over the next three years.

This will include a $2 million grants program to be established for research into the virus.

In Federal Politics, Queensland’s member for Moreton, Graham Perrett created a political storm by threatening to quit politics if there is another leadership change in the Labor party.

Mr Perrett holds one of the most marginal seats in Australia and if he did carry out his threat, the minority Labor Government could fall.

Labor moved quickly to water down the potential threat.

Anthony Albanese, Member for Grayndler MP: “I think Graham’s got his day on page one, the world will move on beyond this morning.”

The member for Moreton says he felt that he had betrayed voters when the Labor caucus removed the then Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.

Mr Perrett says he would not be party to that again.

Voters in Mr Perrett’s electorate had their own views.

Vox 1: “Whatever he thinks he feels he should do in my opinion.”

Vox 2: “How Julia Gillard got into her seat, throwing Kevin Rudd out, that was pretty disapointing, so if shes booted out I don’t really care.”

Max Kosmala, QUT news.