Prime Minister Julia Gillard has spoken by telephone to the 14-year-old Australian boy under arrest in Bali.

It is now feared the teen will remain in custody for weeks, if not months, before there is any decision regarding possible drug charges.

Max Kosmala reports.


It was during a visit by Australia’s Indonesian Ambassador, that the call from the Prime Minister was recieved.

Ms Gillard reassured the 14-year-old and his father that the Australian Government is doing “everything it can” to resolve the situation.

Greg Moriarty, Australian Ambassador: “I had a good conversation with him this morning, he is, he is doing his best to cope with the very difficult circumstances.”

Australian officials maintain they are following the case closely and with great concern.

Greg Moriarty, Australian Ambassador: “We are going to be devoting all of our efforts to that consular aspect to the welfare of the boy, and to try and have the case expedited as quickly as possible.”

The next few days will be crucial in determining the boy’s future.

A psychological assessment and government welfare report are expected soon. They will assist the judge in determining if the boy should be ordered to undergo drug rehabilitation.

Mohammad Rifan, Lawyer: “So just confirming he can go back to Australia to do his rehabilitation? Ahh this depends on the judge yeah.”

The family’s lawyer confirmed the boy will remain in police custody until the judge makes a ruling.

But experts warn, it could be months before any decisions are reached.

Max Kosmala, QUT News.