Queensland firefighters and their families gathered today to remember those who have been killed in action.

In services across the state, 49 firemen and women were honoured.

Isobel Roe reports.


The bell tolled for a minute’s silence.

Their comrades marched in their memory.

Brisbane’s fire-fighting community gathered at St Brigid’s Church in Red Hill to pay their respects to the men and women who’ve died protecting others.

This year is the 10th anniversary of the World Trade Centre attacks, a day of loss for the firefighting community. And after 10am on the 10th day of the 10th month, the firefighers have gathered here to remember their fallen.

The names of the 49 were read out.

Family and friends looked on, and others laid wreaths for their loved ones.

Assistant Commissoner Ian Mitchell of the QFRS reminded the congregation of the dangers of their profession.

Assistant Comissioner Ian Mitchell, QFRS: “All firefighters here will recognise the situations in which they died. We face them still today. And we know how much courage it took to act on their training and ignore their fear. They were heroes, and we take pride in them and the legacy they leave us.”

Queensland’s bushfire season is underway, with fires already scarring much of the State and a looming threat of more to come.

Todays’ fire service attributed the relatively low death toll to rigorous training, and the best safety equipment.

Assistant Commissoner Ian Mitchell, QFRS: “It is a dangerous job. We try to do it very safely, and we train very hard, and we provide the best equipment we can. We’re very proud that more haven’t died, but we’re also very sad the ones that have, have passed on.”

The ultimate sacrifice for the protection of Queenslanders.

Isobel Roe, QUT News.