A new Aussie film is set to premiere in Brisbane tonight.

‘The Cup’ chronicles jockey Damien Oliver’s emotional win in the 2002 Melbourne Cup.

Daniela Sunde-Brown reports.


It is a story of two brothers.

One dies in a horse racing accident just days before the running of the Melbourne Cup. The other goes on to win the race in his brother’s honour.

Simon Wincer, Director of ‘The Cup’: “I think most people will remember the day, those particularly that watch the Melbourne Cup and most of the nation does. It was such an emotional moment in Australian folk law.”

Mr Wincer says ‘The Cup’ will bring horse racing to the big screen as it has never been seen before.

Simon Wincer, Director of ‘The Cup’: “The excitement of what it’s like when you’re up close with the 23 horses at 60k and just that magic sound that you get and it’s thrilling.”

Star Stephen Curry hopes Australia will embrace the film as a real Aussie legend, the story of Damien Oliver.

Mr Curry says Damien is a strong character who gets up when he gets knocked down and never gives up.

Stephen Curry, Damien Oliver ‘The Cup’: “It’s a uniquely Australian story, but I think at the same time it is a very universal tale of triumph over adversity.”

He says playing a real-life character means he has a duty to get the details right.

The first time Mr Curry saw the finished film was during an emotional screening he shared with Damien Oliver and his wife.

Stephen Curry, Damien Oliver ‘The Cup’: “They both said they loved it and that Jason would have loved it too. For us, that’s the best review we could possibly ask for.”

Mr Wincer has been involved in some of Australia’s largest grossing and most iconic films in history including The Man From Snowy River, The Lighthorseman and Phar Lap.

It’s hoped this film will help re-ignite the Australian film industry.

Simon Wincer, Director of ‘The Cup’: “If you make great Aussie stories people will watch, it’s the same with movies, you know look at the success of Australian films over the years and hopefully we’re seeing a bit of a re-birth.”

The Cup is set to open around Australia next Thursday.

Daniela Sunde-Brown