Australia’s largest pizza delivery company, Domino’s, is trialing a fleet of electric scooters as a new sustainability initiative.

It is one of many Australian companies committed to reducing their carbon footprints.

Mariska Murphy reports.


Instead of wafting petrol fumes into the atmosphere, these scooters are leaving behind the sweet smell of ham and pineapple pizzas.

And rather than roaring through the streets, these delivery drivers are gliding silently around town.

Until now, Domino’s has relied on hundreds of petrol driven bikes to deliver its pizzas across Australia.

Eventually, they plan to replace them with clean, green machines.

Peter Jones, Domino’s National Corporate Operations Manager:”We’re hoping that the trial we’re using right now will continue and at some stage, in later years, that our entire fleet will be electric scooters.”

Mr Jones says wherever possible, their new stores are using recycled materials and they are working on a number of initiatives in gas and electricity reductions.

Peter Jones, Domino’s National Corporate Operations Manager: “Our dream, in a Domino’s store is the Domino’s store of the future will be made of recycled timbers, they’ll be a lot more efficient in electricity and gas.”

The company’s employees think it is a great initiative.

Allison Franklin, Domino’s Regional Manager: “For one of the cars that we purchase we could probably get about six scooters for the same cost and then running costs to fill up a car probably cost about $40, to fill up a scooter costs about $2.”

Over the next few years Domino’s will replace current models with these environmentally friendly scooters, meaning Domino’s will have the largest electric scooter fleet in Australia.

Mariska Murphy, QUT News.