University students are feeling the pressure with end of year exams just around the corner.

For those looking for a little extra luck Jacaranda trees may have the answer.

Danika Ferguson reports.


Stress levels are high and the pressure is on for university students.

Some need a companion to walk them through the exam period, while for others it is all too much.

Vox 1: “Yeah it’s a lot of pressure so I spend most of my days studying at uni during that time.”

Vox 2: “I’ve got a really bad exam timetable. It depends how much you’ve prepared before you actually go into exams.”

But some students think luck is the key to tertiary success.

These purple Jacaranda flowers may seem pretty to some, but superstition suggests they have the power to affect your grades.

Legend has it walking beneath a flowering Jacaranda tree brings desirable exam results.

While sitting below the blossoms, achieves the opposite.

But academics warn there is more to success, than superstition.

Chris Hepperlin, QUT Director of Student Support Services: “In terms of the Jacaranda tree, it’s just a timely reminder that when it’s flowering that it is probably getting too late to study.”

And wary students agree.

Vox 3: “I think if you don’t study and a Jacaranda flower falls on your head you won’t pass.”

Vox 4: ” I’ve also heard a superstition that if you step on a Jacaranda flower then you’ll fail.”

Danika Ferguson, QUT News.