Brisbane’s former Lord Mayor, Campbell Newman, claims the Bligh Government, has set up a “dirt unit” to discredit his bid to become Queensland Premier.

Exchanges between the Government and Mr Newman have become increasingly bitter after Mr. Newman was referred to the Crime and Misconduct Commission.

Alexandra Schultz reports.


Campbell Newman has referred to the State Government as a team of “drunks, punks and desperadoes” who are run by a “sleaze bucket”.

Mr. Newman says the Government has unfairly targeted members of his family in a “dirt unit” designed to destroy his chances of becoming Premier.

Campbell Newman, Former Brisbane Lord Mayor: “They’ve been attacking my family. They’ve attacked my mother-in-law, my wife, my father-in-law and now my elderly mother, so that’s what they’ve done and they’ve said back in July they wouldn’t do that.”

The CMC investigation arose when Treasurer Andrew Fraser brought forward five potential breaches by Mr. Newman when he was stating his financial interests before becoming Mayor.

These included two North Queensland units, his self-managed superannuation fund, his wife Lisa’s stakes in a property owned by her father and her position as director and secretary of a family investment company.

One political commentator says Campbell Newman’s response to being referred to the criminal misconduct commission, points to a nasty campaign in next year’s state election.

Leo Bowman, political commentator: “It threatens to be. It’s for the CMC to look at the particular allegations, but if we’re starting with this sort of language, this sort of to and fro this early, we expect an election not until March, so it’s promising to head very much in that direction.”

But before that campaign gets underway, Mr Newman will have to submit to the CMC investigation, which is now underway.

Alexandra Schultz, QUT News