A national floods forum in Brisbane is exploring how new and emerging technology can be used to prepare and respond to floods and other natural disasters.

The forum was told that if governments are willing to pay for it, there is flood prevention technology available now.

Daniela Sunde-Brown reports.


Around 2.5 million people were affected and 35 died when more than 70 per cent of Queensland flooded in January.

Aside from the current flood inquiry, a two-day national flood forum is being presented by experts on technologies which are or will be available to reduce the impacts of floods.

The Federal Attorney General Robert McClelland flew in from Canberra to officially open the forum.

The Attorney-General says the national forum’s goal is to make recommendations for building a more flood resistant Australia.

He says emergency management systems must be able to prevent, prepare, respond and recover.

Mr McClelland says the existing National Emergency Warning system will be enhanced with new location-based technology.

Hon Robert McClelland, Attorney-General: “We’re looking at the whole range of technology that may assist emergency responders to better protect communities.”

Mr McClelland says there are technology solutions that will help authorities during floods.

These include flood level detection devices and the latest generation of flood barriers.

Devices like these are being widely used throughout Europe.

And techology is not the only response being considered by the Federal Government.

The Attorney-General says it is working with insurance companies to lower premiums for those who take measures to protect their residences.

Daniela Sunde-Brown, QUT News.