Union officials have called for a police investigation into death threats sent to Qantas CEO Alan Joyce.

The unions have denied any involvement and have condemned allegations leveled against them.

Danika Ferguson reports.


A recent string of threats has been targetted at the Qantas CEO Alan Joyce and other executive staff members.

Today Qantas accused the unions of using “US style intimidation” after the airline’s chief executive Alan Joyce received death threats.

The airline is involved in an industrial dispute with unions fighting a planned restructure that could see a thousand jobs lost.

Olivia Wirth, Qantas Spokesperson: “There’s been other threats made to the CEO based on the changes that he’s looking to make within the business and the ongoing industrial action that’s going on with Qantas.”

The Transport Workers Union has denied any involvment in the threats.

It says that Considering the serious nature of the allegations, the police should have been immediately notified.

Tony Sheldon, Transport Workers Union National Secretary: “The company’s made an allegation which is turned around and put a slander on 35,000 employees and the fact that the matter is appropriately investigated by police which is what we asked Qantas to do over a week ago.”

Unions are questioning whether the allegations are part of a staged campaign by the airline to secure public support during the industrial dispute.

The Transport Workers Union will lead further strike action this Friday.

Danika Ferguson, QUT News.