In a major shift in the tourism industry, Greyhound will team up with Australian group Oz Experience to provide a “one-stop shop” for the lucrative backpacker market.

The acquisition of the brand aims to improve the current travel experience and increase the number of young backpackers using the service.

Laura Evans report.


As Australia’s only national bus service, the move by Greyhound to secure Oz Experience aims to lure more backpackers down under.

As well, it wants to make their holiday experience smoother by allowing them, for the first time, to book entire trips through the company.

Greyhound says the marriage will streamline holiday planning.

Tony Hopkins, Greyhound Chief Operating Officer: “The backpackers will have a more increased network as far as capacity goes. They will have more destinations to choose from so they will have greater choices.”

The merger between the two brands would secure the company’s position in the youth backpackers market, significantly increasing Greyhound’s productivity.

Tony Hopkins, Greyhound Chief Operating Officer: “It gives us an extra 64,000 passenger movements a year which is about a 15 per cent growth on our existing international backpacker market.”

Backpackers have so far responded positively to the move, price and convenience, the largest factors influencing their choice of travel.

Vox 1: “Well it’s cheaper and you get to every city and there are a lot of courtesy buses.”

Vox 2: “The most important thing is the price.”

Vox 3: “They just seem to be there whenever I need it. I can get wherever I want to be in five minutes.”

Vox 4: “You can get anywhere really.”

Greyhound’s one stop shop approach will play a key role in securing the youth backpackers market offering them much better value for money and a much better travel experience

More additions to the holiday packages are to be announced in the coming months.

Laura Evans, QUT News.