Buddhist monks have blessed the new RSPCA facilities in the Brisbane suburb of Wacol, which should be open for business before Christmas.

The ceremony also marked World Animal Day.

Mariska Murphy reports.


All creatures great and small gathered today at the new RSPCA animal shelter to sniff around their future home.

Buddhist Monks blessed the facilities, grounds and animals with symbolic chanting and paintings.

Michael Beatty, RSPCA: “We thought in this particular instance that it would be great if the Buddhist faith was represented, as I say they have strong empathy with the animals.”

The four hectare Animal Care Campus was partially funded by the State Government and a $10 million grant.

Mr Beatty admits the project has been a struggle financially, though he says the effort will be worth it in the long run.

Michael Beatty, RSPCA: “It is what we believe we will be able to do for the animals, so the animal care and of course the animal facilities here are certainly a vast improvement on Fairfield.”

Staff from the RSPCA are looking forward to the opportunities the Care Campus will present.

Jennifer Beaton, VET Nurse: “Nicer kennels, nicer area, nice adopts. I mean, everyone knows Fairfield is a bit run down, not very pleasant to be in so it will be much nicer and means we can do a lot more for them.”

The new facilities here at Wacol mean the RSPCA can get animals, such as Pippa here, on their feet and adopted out to good homes after quicker and more effective care.

The campus will open in December.

Mariska Murphy, QUT News.