Two North Ipswich schools witnessed a spectacular performance today, as The Roulettes showed off their aerobatic prowess.

It was a show of support for a community still fighting back from flood devastation.

Jorge Branco reports.


The RAAF squadron spent 15 minutes at speeds of up to 590 kilometres per hour looping and rolling around Ipswich skies.

The elite pilots put on a spectacular show in the Swiss designed DC-9 aircraft as hundreds of children looked on.

As well as supporting the town during the January floods this was another way for the RAAF to give back.

Richard Morris, RAAF Roulettes: “The town was fairly badly affected by the floods earlier in the year, and even though it has been a little while since the floods have occurred we just want the community to know that a bit of time’s passed but they’re definitely not forgotten.”

This area of North Ipswich was one of the worst affected.

Simon Riley, Ipswich State High Principal: “Where we’re standing now, we would be 10 feet under water.”

The Roulettes made their debut in 1970 and they’ve been thrilling crowds in their current six plane configuration for over three decades.

Their name comes from their signature move which imitates a spinning roulette wheel.

Richard Morris, RAAF Roulettes: “They are pretty much some of the best pilots in the world, and to do what they do takes a lot of skill so they are very, very good pilots.”

For the community, the performances meant much more than a simple air show.

Stephanie Jenner, Student Ipswich High School: “I’d probably just say thank you to the airforce for coming out here and doing this for us and it’s a really fantastic experience.”

Although the performance was a big event for the school, it was by no means the biggest of the year.

Simon Riley, Principal Ipswich High School: “I’ve been here seven years, no we had a flood. That was pretty big. The flood was probably the biggest event we’ve had.”

Jorge Branco, QUT News.