Queensland Fire Crews have been stretched to the limit, battling bush and grass fires across the State.

Extra firefighters had to be sent to central Queensland to relieve their exhausted colleagues.

Sarah Shands reports.


Squalling winds and high temperatures eased over night enabling fire crews to establish containment lines around several large bushfires burning across the state.

Fire fighters worked through the night to contain a large fire which had been threatening a resort on Fraser Island.

While the fire is under control, 18 firefighters and four fixed-wing aircraft are continuing to battle the blaze.

A large fire threatening the Orica Chemical Plant just north of Gladstone is also now under control.

Emergency Management Queensland says there are in excess of twenty bush fires burning across the state.

Senior weather forecaster Rick Threlfell says while conditions have eased, winds may increase over the next few days.

Rick Threlfall, Weather Bureau: “Not a lot of rainfall in that so we are not seeing a very large rain band coming across but hopefully we should get a little bit of rainfall out of that for eastern parts of Queensland.”

Emergency Management Queensland says while all fires burning across the state are under control, conditions are volatile so people need to remain alert.

With plenty of fuel and more windy weather forecast, it could be a busy few days for firefighters.

Sarah Shands, QUT News.