Industrial action by Qantas workers today disrupted the flight plans of 8,000 passengers around the country.

And unions are threatening more walkouts unless the airline meets their demands.

Issy Fry reports.


Nearly 4,000 Transport Workers Union members walked of the job, protesting pay and working conditions.

Just two flights were cancelled but the industrial action delayed thirty-nine.

Qantas apologised to affected travellers.

Olivia Wirth, Qantas Spokesperson: “It’s very unfortunate that two unions, the engineering union and the transport workers union have decided to target this day.”

The unions say there’s no excuse for the chaos.

Mick Pieri, Transport Workers Union spokesperson: “The company’s known for three days about our meeting today. They’ve had their chance to put their contingencies in, I believe if they wanted it it would be a minimum of fuss.”

Ground staff, engineers and pilots have become engulfed in the turmoil.

They’ll walk of the job in Melbourne again tonight, and in Brisbane on Monday.

Qantas says more than 25,000 thousand passengers have been affected in the month long pay dispute.

But there’s no end in sight, the strikes are expected to continue until mid-December.

Issy Fry, QUT News.