The State government has decided to leave dams at current levels, despite warnings of substantial rainfall this summer.

And the Bureau of Meteorology says Queensland can expect an early wet season.

Kieran Rooney reports.


With the summer of disaster still fresh in their minds, Meteorologists say Queensland isn’t out of trouble.

La Nina conditions mean the state has a higher chance of facing large tropical cyclones.

Jeff Sabburg, meterologist: “If we consider the average for Queensland is three or four then we might be looking at a slightly higher value – say four or five with perhaps one or two of them making landfall.”

The prediction is a timely warning.

Today the Queensland Government decided not to release water from Wivenhoe and North Pine dams.

Rachel Nolan, Minister for Natural Resources: “The bureau’s prediction is not for an enormously significant wet season and so the decision is to maintain the water levels at 100 per cent in those dams.”

But with full dams believed to be largely responsible for the January floods, they say they’ll remain flexible as summer approaches.

Rachel Nolan, Minister for Natural Resources: “If the Bureau of Meteorology were to significantly change their forecast then government is in a position to act swiftly on the basis of new advice.”

The LNP has criticised the decision.

Ian Berry, LNP Candidate Ipswich: “If in fact it starts to rain in October, only weeks away, and it seems to be fairly steady the decisions have to be made there and then.”

The bureau says we can expect heavy rainfall in the coming months but we won’t see the same conditions that saw the Brisbane River burst its banks earlier this year.

Kieran Rooney, QUT News.