October is shaping up to be the month to turn over a new leaf.

Australians are being challenged to go vegetarian from tomorrow, in time for International Vegetarian Week.

Anna Angel reports.


Animals Australia is behind the call and it seems there are plenty of good reasons to give up eating meat.

Mike Munsie, Vegetarian and Vegan Society Qld: “People become vegetarian and vegan for a number of reasons. One is for their health, the other is in environment, and the other is the recognition that animals have some rights.”

But anyone thinking of taking up the challenge is urged to get some advice first.

Julie Gilbert, Dietician’s Association of Australia: “You need to make sure you’re eating foods that are plant-based, that are very rich in iron and also in B12 and they’re your green leafy vegetables, nuts, legumes and seeds.”

And it might not be as difficult as you think.

Julie Gilbert, Dietician’s Association of Australia: “Most people think that the change is hard, but people who have made the change often say, ‘I should have done it a long time ago it’s not hard.'”

A recent study by Fry’s Vegetarian Foods reveals a third of us are eating less meat than five years ago.

Ruchi Sharma, Vegerama: “I think people are everyday realising the benefits of being vegetarian or, even though they’re not vegetarian, eating good fresh food everyday.”

So, if you’re looking to cut back on your meat consumption, even just a few days a week, now is the perfect time.

October is known as vegetarian awareness month.

The festivities kick off tomorrow with World Vegetarian Day.

Sunday is World Farm Animal Day, held on the birthdate of Mohandas Ghandi.

And the feast of St Francis, Patron Saint of Animals, is now celebrated as World Animal Day on October 4.

Anna Angel, QUT News.