Construction workers on Brisbane’s AirportLink tunnel project have walked off the job, demanding better working conditions.

Almost half the work force took part in a march from the Kedron Brook construction site.

Lauren Marer reports.


Airport-link construction sites were left deserted today as angry workers walked off the job.

The sea of orange safety shirts grew through the early morning rush hour as support for the protest gained momentum.

Police estimate 200 workers joined the march.

Organisers say the true number was several times that.

Several onlookers sounded car horns and cheered in support.

Construction workers are complaining about conditions under ground.

The protest comes after a series of accidents in the tunnel, including a fire back in September and a beam falling on construction worker earlier this week.

The injured worker was rushed to hospital yesterday.

He is still reportedly in intensive care.

Workers are calling for an independent audit of the safety conditions inside the tunnel.

Many of them say the speed of construction is creating severe pressures and that is taking its toll.

The Airport-link project, is a 6.7 kilometre toll road which will link Brisbane’s CBD to the airport.

The project is expected to be finished in mid 2012 unless there’s more industrial action or delays caused by accidents.

Lauren Marer, QUT News.