Police across Australia have paid tribute to their fallen colleagues.

National Police Remembrance Day pays tribute to the 719 police officers who have been killed while on duty.

This year, it has a special significance.

Issy Fry reports.


This year’s service on the Gold Coast has been more emotional than usual.

It’s the first since the deaths of Queensland police officers Dan Stiller and Damian Leeding.

Police officers from both Queensland and New South Wales congregated at Coolangatta to honour them.

Detective Senior Constable Leeding was shot during a bungled armed robbery at a Gold Coast Tavern earlier this year.

His wife Sonya and young son Hudson both took part in the midnight vigil along with a hundred officers.

Sergeant Stiller was killed last December after a truck jack-knifed and crashed into him as he escorted a wide load South of Rockhampton.

The 33-year-old had just learned he was going to be a father.

In Brisbane, it was an impressive sight as hundreds of police men and women marched from Police Headquarters to St John’s Cathedral.

In the last century, 719 police officers have been killed while on duty – including 139 Queenslanders.

Issy Fry, QUT News.