Brisbane will ring with the sound of music for the next two days…  Barbershop music that is.

Singers from Australia, New Zealand, Japan and the United States are in town to compete as part of the Pan Pacific barbershop convention.

Jayd Mahady reports.


This year’s convention has attracted over one thousand delegates from around the world.

In the Queen Street Mall, Brisbane experienced what barbershop singing is all about.

Barber shop singers united in Brisbane this afternoon as part of the River Harmony Concert of Champions.

There’s friendly competition between South East Queensland’s choruses.

Don Goddfrey, Brisbane City Clippers: “In realistic terms, on form, I would say no, but we are contenders for having a very good time.”

Barry Mallet, The Blenders: “It’s good that these other choruses now are coming up and developing and they’re all out to get us so that’s what sport’s about it’s good.”

And while it’s still not a very common past time, delegates say there is a growing interest among young people.

Jayd Mahady, QUT News.