A new poll released today shows the Queesland Labor Party is facing a landslide defeat at the election due in March next year.

The Newspoll study also dealt a personal blow to Anna Bligh, showing Campbell Newman is the preferred option as Queensland premier.

Rebecca George reports.


The lastest Newspoll published in The Australian newspaper shows the LNP would crush Labor if an election was held today.

On a two party preferred basis, The LNP is leading Labor 61 to 39 per cent.

Anna Bligh’s popularity has fallen to 34 per cent while the poll shows almost half of Queesland voters want Campbell Newman to be the next premier.

The newspoll CEO says Anna Bligh’s popularity is now back to the level it was before the Queensland Floods.

Martin O’Shannessy, Newspoll CEO: “Labor was already in trouble and it’s pretty clear that Campbell Newman is adding a new gloss to the LNP’s shine.”

The LNP says the poll mirrors what the party has seen around Queensland.

Tim Nicholls, LNP Member: “We believe the people want to see a change from this tired 20 year old government, a government that sold assets, a government that lied about selling assets, a government that imposed a fuel tax, a government that lied about imposing a fuel tax.”

Premier Anna Bligh was quick to comment on the Labor Party’s national performance when a poll came out yesterday.

Anna Bligh, Qld Premier: “Clearly the Federal Government has a lot of work to do.”

But she now faces her own political problems.

The latest poll mirrors trends accross the country with Labor’s popularity being at a record low on a Federal Level and in many states.

One Political commentator says that if current poll trends continue, Australia may see the fall of the Labor Party.

Dr Ian Ward, Reader in Politics UQ: “Are we looking at the kind of politics we saw pre-World War Two when major political parties collapsed and disappeared.”

Dr Ward says Labor’s chances of winning back the people’s votes by March, are looking slim.

Rebecca George, QUT News.