News Limited columnist Andrew Bolt has been found guilty of racial discrimination after a series of articles he wrote and published for the Herald and Weekly Times two years ago.

The Federal Court found that the articles written by Bolt contravened the Racial Discrimination Act.

Issy Fry reports.


The News Limited columnist has been found guilty of breaching the Racial Discrimination Act in a class action led by activists Pat Eatock and Geoff Clarke.

According to the Federal Court judgment handed down today by Justice Mordy Bromberg, fair skinned Aboriginal people were reasonably likely to have been “offended, insulted, humiliated or intimidated” by newspaper articles written by Bolt.

Ms Eatock and Mr Clarke they’re very happy with the outcome.

Pat Eatock, Activist:”We are absolutely delighted, it is the result we expected. It was never about free speech, it was always a question of professionalism.”

Geoff Clarke, Activist: “I think prejudices that Mr Bolt and the Herald Sun have been advocating has now been defeated.”

According to official court documents, Ms Eatock called for an apology from HWT which was denied.

However, after further discussion Justice Bromberg agreed to ask both parties to meet and discuss what orders the court should make.

Bolt who had publicly stated he would not apologise for his comments, made no resistance to the decision.

Issy Fry, QUT News.