Telstra has launched its new fourth generation wireless network that it claims will double existing mobile phone and broadband speeds.

The enhanced network will mainly benefit users in the central business districts of australia’s main cities.

Marianna Economus reports.


The national launch of the 4G network in Sydney was a bright and colourful affair.

Telstra says dowload speeds for its new 4G device will be up to 10 times faster than the current 3G devices.

The superfast gadget which plugs in to a standard USB, can only be used within five kilometres of the GPO in CBDs around Australia.

However some regional areas will also have access.

Dr V Muthu, School of Information and Communication Technology: “It’s going to give us more capacity download and upload.”

Doctor Muthu believes businesses and individuals will benefit because of the large demand for faster and more reliable internet connections.

Dr V Muthu, School of Information and Communication Technology: “Obviously the faster services information on the fingertip.”

Telstra says modems and downloads will cost no more than their current 3G plans, around fifty-dollars for four gigabytes per month over two years.

Currently the 4G service is only available for computers. Smartphone users will have to wait until next year to use the service.

Marianna Economous QUT News