The latest Newspoll in today’s Australian newspaper shows Federal Labor’s popularity is at a record low.

The results were especially bad in Queensland where the Prime Minister Julia Gillard is losing the support of women and young people.

Keiran Rooney reports.


The Premier says she’s not worried by the results of the latest poll.

Anna Bligh, Queensland Premier: “There’s a federal election in 2013 and that poll will really count, when Australians have a chance to make a decision after they’ve seen some of these reforms in action.”

But Anna Bligh says her party isn’t out of the woods.

Anna Bligh, Queensland Premier: “There’s quite a lot of time between now and then and clearly the Federal Government has a lot of work to do.”

The Prime Minister’s popularity with women is almost equal with opposition leader Tony Abbott, the man she once accused of having a problem with female voters.

A drop in support in every mainland state has put Labor at a severe disadvantage.

Martin O’Shannessy, Newspoll CEO: “The worrying thing for Labor I think is that some of their big falls have been in areas that have held up better for Julia Gillard.”

If an election was held today Kevin Rudd would be the only Federal Labor MP left in Queensland.

Political experts say Queensland has always been a tricky state for Labor.

Michael Lavarch, QUT Political Expert: “It’s a diverse state, it tends to be a bit of a conservative state and it’s just not a natural hunting ground for Federal Labor.”

But they maintain there’s still hope.

Michael Lavarch, QUT Political Expert: “Political fortunes can change relatively quickly, the thing at the moment is for the government really is to hold its nerve and get on with its program.”

Most pressing, the ongoing debate on asylum seekers and continuing leadership speculation.

Kieran Rooney, QUT News.