Forget backyard cricket these school holidays, instead kids are being inspired by surrealist artwork.

The Gallery of Modern Art is showcasing free hands-on activities and there’s plenty of fun to be had.

Sam Canavan reports.


Today marks the last week of “Surrealism for Kids” an interactive exhibition inspired by the creativity of surrealists.

Many popular games involving chance, word play and picture-making were rediscovered by the revolutionary artists as playful ways of unlocking the imagination.

Children can capture their own surrealist world vision through multimedia, drawing and hands on activities.

Using pictures, scissors and glue sticks, to name a few, children create their own masterpieces to put on display or to take home.

Add some crayons and torn paper to the mix and the possibilities are endless.

GOMA is heralded as the country’s most popular Art Gallery, with more than 50,000 boys and girls having had the Surrealism for Kids experience since it opened in June.

And their response has been overwhelmingly positive.

Vox 1: Thomas: “Is this better than being at kinder? Ahh yes! is it good? It’s awesome? yes!”

One of the reasons the exhibition has been so popular is because the art form harnesses the idea of dreams and the subconscious where one’s imagination is free to run wild and creative.

And that’s the appeal of surrealism-the normal and everyday are taken and, quite evidently, turned into the unexpected.

Sam Canavan, QUT News.