Queensland pub and club patrons may find themselves having more early nights, with renewed pressure for a 2am close.

Doctors say it’s the best way to curb the violence.

Issy Fry reports.


Surgeons say enough is enough.

They want further restrictions on trading hours, amid claims alcohol related violence is on the increase.

The Royal Australasia Council of Surgeons says there were 200 glassings in Queensland last year.

Brisbane has three times more incidents than anywhere else, mostly in the Valley Precinct.

However, a spokesperson for the protest group Queensland Lock-Out claims on average 80,000 people visit Fortitude Valley each year, and the government should be punishing only those who are committing the crime.

And punters in the Valley today, disagree an early night will solve the problem.

Vox 1: “I think people get drunk and they have glass or bottles in their hands. I think a lot of these things need to change to plastic glasses.”

Vox 2: “I don’t think the closing time has a lot to do with it. I think the glassings got a lot to do with individual people’s behaviour which needs to be managed and it’s all about people’s behaviour I don’t think closing time’s going to have any effect what-so-ever.”

Vox 3: “Just means people are going to drink sooner they’re going to go out and get drunk faster than what they are.”

The renewed push to call ‘time’ early comes a day after a man was sentenced to two years jail in Victoria, over a fatal glassing.

But solving the problem of alcohol related violence is a complex issue.

And despite numerous calls by QUT News to clubs, pubs and the police, no one was willing to go on camera.

Issy Fry, QUT News.