Australia’s highest building walk is under construction at Q1 on the Gold Coast.

The ‘SkyPoint’ climb will begin on the 77th floor.

Jayd Mahady reports.


Queensland Premier Anna Bligh was at the Gold Coast today spruiking the 240 step ‘SkyPoint’ climb.

Anna Bligh, Queensland Premier: “Not only will people experience a great adventure, very, very high above the ground, but they’ll also get to the top and see one of the most stunning views anywhere in Australia.”

Visitors will climb from the 77th floor to a viewing platform at the spire 90 storeys above the ground.

Greg Shaw, CEO of Ardent Leisure developments says they are pleased to be involved in the project.

Greg Shaw, CEO Ardent Leisure: “We believe this will be an iconic new attraction for the Gold Coast and certainly a venture that’s never been attempted here before.”

The Premier dismissed comments that more money should be spent on construction instead of tourism in the area.

Anna Bligh, Queensland Premier: “What we need to see here on the coast is the construction industry buoyed by further growth in the tourism industry.”

‘SkyPoint’ is set for completion in December.

Jayd Mahady, QUT News.