Ongoing rumours that former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is preparing to take back the leadership of the Labor Party are gathering momentum.

Kevin Rudd denies he is manoeuvring to resume office, but the opposition is having a field day.

Brock Taylor reports.


Tony Abbott can feel it in his waters.

Tony Abbott, Federal Opposition Leader: “Something is going on Karl, it’s hard to know exactly what but something is going on.”

Rumours persist of a Kevin Rudd comeback as leader.

Nationals Senator Nigel Scullion claims he was told by Labor’s Trish Crossin that Rudd was counting numbers.

Senior members of the Labor Party including Crossin have denied the reports claiming they’re a fabrication of the Liberal Party.

Trish Crossin, Labor Senator: “This story is garbage, absolute garbage.”

Tony Burke, Cabinet Minister: “This is entirely, this is entirely from the Liberal Party. Everybody else involved has said, ‘Nope, not true.'”

Former Labor powerbroker Graham Richardson agrees.

He says Rudd doesn’t have the numbers to mount a challenge.

Graham Richardson, Political Commentator: “I think he probably had 10 votes a couple of weeks ago, he might have twenty now he’s a long way short of getting up which I still don’t think can happen.”

Kevin Rudd is currently in New York addressing the UN. But the Foreign Minister’s wings have been clipped regarding a return visit next January.”

Meanwhile Mr Rudd denies he has any intention of retaking the Labor leadership.

Brock Taylor, QUT News.