Morning Radio in Brisbane is undergoing major change.

Triple M’s breakfast show, The Cage, went to air for the last time today after being axed.

And, amid movement at other stations, the ABC’s morning show host is also leaving.

Stephanie Kay reports.


Ian Skippen, The Cage: “Our studio, everyone was standing outside, so I said listen come on in because this is our last break.”

Ian Skippen is unemployed for the first time in more then 40-years in radio.

Emily-Jade O’Keefe is taking a break to have her baby.

And Greg ‘Sully’ Sullivan doesn’t know just what he’ll do after losing his first radio hosting gig.

Today Triple M’s The Cage crew said good morning for the last time, after six years on the air.

Richard Barker, Southern Cross Austereo: “All of us can’t control how long we’re going to be in the work place, but we can sure as hell make a difference to what we do everyday. Skip with this team, have done a fantastic job.”

Emily-Jade had only praise for the shows army of loyal listeners.

Emily-Jade O’Keefe, Broadcaster: “Our job is to make them laugh but yet they ring in and make us laugh each and every morning, so I’d like to thank them for coming along for the great ride we’ve had.”

Despite it all, Ian Skippen remains passionate about radio.

Ian Skippen, Broadcaster: “Look I love people, so I’m really privileged to be in a business where you get paid to have a good time, talk to people.”

The Cage crews’ emotional departure was one of the many recent changes to breakfast radio in Brisbane.

Earlier this year B105 and Nova shuffled their hosts and this morning ABC’S Madonna King announced that she too is leaving.

Media analysts say radio goes through periods of reinvention from time to time, and that’s what’s happening in Brisbane right now.

Listeners like stability, but paradoxically, they also embrace change.

For the station owners, it’s all about ratings and profits.

Stephanie Kay, QUT News.