The RSPCA is calling for Queenslanders to become Wildlife Heroes, to help the organisation rescue sick, injured and orphaned native animals.

Wildlife heroes will be the first point of contact when an animal is reported to be in distress.

Gemma Boase reports.


This baby brush-tail possum met his wildlife hero after he was found behind a hot-water system, clinging to his dead mother.

The possum was dehydrated and malnourished and will remain at the Fairfield RSPCA shelter for a week before going to a wildlife carer for rehabilitation.

The RSPCA is hoping more people will register to become wilfdlife heroes so more native animals can be rescued and released.

Annette Colling, Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Coordinator: “At the moment we’ve got approximately 400 wildlife heroes state-wide, the majority of those are in south-east Queensland. We’d really like to double that within the next 12 months.”

Wildlife heroes don’t need any special knowledge or qualifications, they just need a love for animals and be willing to help out whenever they can.

Animal lovers can register online with the RSPCA.

Annette Collin, Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Coordinator: “When an animal is phoned into our call centre we can do a search for suburb and species and we contact the person most suited to do the rescue.”

Often the animals will have already been put in a box by the finder and simply need to be transported to a qualified rehabilitator, vet or RSPCA shelter.

Sue Jackson has been a wildlife hero for around a year, and has been called out to some interesting jobs.

Sue Jackson, Wildlife Hero: “When I got there, there was, a lady had called in, she heard the possums in the bin and somebody had obviously thrown them in there and put the lid down.”

This wildlife hero recommends people get involved in what she says is a worthy cause.

Sue Jackson, Wildlife Hero: “Well I think more people should get involved and be a little more tolerant of the wildlife that we do have in the suburbs.”

People who find sick, injured or orphaned animals can contact the RSPCA all hours of the day by calling 1300 ANIMAL.

Gemma Boase, QUT News.