Federal Treasurer, Wayne Swan, has been voted World Finance Minister of the Year.

Recognition of the Queenslander’s ability comes from Euromoney, a flagship international business and finance publication.

Alice McCarthy reports.


Mr Swan was humble when asked about being named the world’s best Finance Minister, saying the recognition was not just for the current Australian Government.

Wayne Swan, Federal Treasurer: “It’s 27 years since this award was last given, so for all of those governments that have put in place the fundamental long-term reforms, including the Howard government, but most particularly the Hawke and Keating governments – they’ve all played a role.”

Wayne Swan is the second Australian to be named Euromoney Magazine’s World Treasurer of the Year. In 1984, Paul Keating received the accolade for floating the Australian dollar and deregulating the banking system.

Mr Swan’s award is for his judgement in steering the Australian economy through the Global Financial Crisis and guiding a strong recovery.

In particular, his timely development and control of the economic stimulus package has been commended.

Local finance experts agree that Mr Swan and his Government should be recognised for making the right calls.

Adam Clements, QUT Professor of Finance: “The actions they took that were swift, quick and were fairly well designed and directed did quite a good job in terms of saving us from the worst.”

Mr Swan will receive his award on Friday while in Washington for meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the G20.

Alice McCarthy, QUT News.