Residents in The Gap are being urged not to drink from the tap after fears the water supply may be contaminated.

It’s believed that firefighting foam leaked into the water supply following a house fire late last night.

Mitch Ogden reports.


Residents say they started to notice something wrong with their tap water shortly after the blaze was put out.

Gap resident: “Foam has come out of the water and they’ve advised us that the water is contaminated and when people had a shower they had foam coming from the water.”

Three hundred and eighty-seven residents have been affected by the foam.

Urban Utilities have begun flushing the water mains and issued a warning to people in the area.

Ian Maynard, CEO Urban Utilities: “At this stage we’re advising residents not to drink or come in contact with the water and the minute we have the all clear from Queensland Health we will be advising residents that it’s safe to have their shower.”

Urban Utilities are handing out bottles of water across 18 streets in The Gap, they say they’ll continue to flush the mains for as long as it takes.

They plan on bringing in water tankers to help out, while waiting for test results to determine what caused the contamination.

Mitch Ogden, QUT News.